Thursday, October 3, 2013

Worm Wigwam

Worm Wigwam

The Worm Wigwam Flow-Through Worm Bin makes rich, wonderful vermicompost. Watch the worms turn kitchen scraps and other waste into black gold! Worm Wigwams can be used in home and commercial kitchens, community gardens, elementary schools, office buildings, nurseries and restaurants.
These units are top fed and bottom harvested keeping worms safe and making top quality vermicompost with no mess, no fuss. Just feed the machine and get your worm free vermicompost on command. Use vermicompost as plant food, seedling starter, compost tea starter, transplant aid and soil amendment. Worms not included.

  • Easy to assemble and use flow-through design
  • Worm free finished vermicompost
  • Feed 10 - 15 lbs per day and harvest 45 - 60 lbs per week
  • Holds 10 - 15 lbs red wiggler earthworms
  • Three year guarantee

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