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Tripp Lite APS3636VR 3600W 36V DC to AC Inverter with Automatic Line-to-Battery 30-Amp Charger

Tripp Lite APS3636VR 3600W 36V DC to AC Inverter with Automatic Line-to-Battery 30-Amp Charger

Do you need a clean, quiet, reliable power source for automotive, remote site, industrial, commercial or residential applications? Tripp Lite's APS3636VR Inverter/Charger is the solution you seek! This DC-to-AC inverter/charger powers the equipment you commonly use at home or work—power tools, pumps, portable lighting, notebook computers and more. It's the ideal power solution for RVs, commercial and fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles, construction sites, remote worksites and any other application that requires a clean, quiet AC power source. The APS3636VR efficiently converts DC (battery) power into 120V AC (household) power to run any type of equipment, from power tools to computers. Unlike portable generators, the APS3636VR requires no fuel and produces no noise or fumes. The APS3636VR also features automatic line-to-battery transfer and an integrated battery charging system for UPS (uninterruptible power supply) applications where an AC power source is present. In UPS mode, the APS3636VR powers connected equipment while keeping connected batteries fully charged. If AC power becomes unavailable, the APS3636VR automatically switches to battery power. Built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) protects batteries and connected equipment from damage due to voltage fluctuations. With its 3600-watt capacity, this inverter/charger can handle heavy-duty loads like drills, saws and pumps with ease. The APS3636VR also features OverPower™ and DoubleBoost™ capability, providing extra power when required for heavy loads and power-hungry equipment start-ups. Feature Focus Tripp Lite's APS3636VR Inverter/Charger Offers: Computer-grade AC power from an AC or DC power source 3600 watts continuous output power; up to 7200 watts peak power Auto transfer switching option for battery backup (UPS) operation Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR protection) 1-year warranty Portable Power Whenever You Need it
Click here for a larger image Industrial-Strength Output Power
Click here for a larger image Simple Installation and Equipment Connection
Click here for a larger image Industrial-Strength Output Power The APS3636VR efficiently converts 36V DC power from a vehicle battery into 120V AC power for any type of equipment, from heavy-duty drills, saws and pumps to computers and sensitive monitoring equipment. The APS3636VR provides safe, stable, AC output power to help connected equipment perform at its peak. A frequency control feature ensures that devices dependent on tightly regulated AC line frequency, such as computers, VCRs and DVD/CD players, receive clean computer-grade power. Extended Peak Surge Power Many tools, appliances and printers require extra power for start-up. Others, such as refrigerators and pumps, have fluctuating power demands. When operating in inverter mode, the APS3636VR accommodates these peak surge demands by providing up to 200% more output power than its continuous rating of 3600 watts. In OverPower mode, the APS3636VR can deliver 5400 watts for up to an hour, providing ample reserve power to keep tools and equipment running longer. In DoubleBoost mode, it can deliver 7200 watts for up to 10 seconds to support power-hungry equipment start-ups and motor cycling requirements. When connected to an AC power source, the APS3636VR can provide up to 3600 watts continuous power. Auto-Transfer Switching for UPS Operation When the APS3636VR is connected to an AC power source, power is passed through to connected equipment and the battery set is charged via a three-stage, 30-amp charging system with adjustable settings for wet/gel battery types. In the event of a power failure or severe voltage fluctuation, the APS3636VR responds with a near-instantaneous (16.6 millisecond) automatic transfer to battery power. Any number of user-supplied batteries may be connected to the APS3636VR to provide extended battery backup support for critical equipment. A three-position switch enables you to select AUTO mode for automatic transfer between utility and battery power, CHARGE-ONLY mode to maintain a full battery charge with no automatic transfer switching when the APS3636VR is connected to AC power, or SYSTEM OFF mode. Automatic Voltage Regulation The APS3636VR features built-in automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to correct AC brownouts as low as 75V and overvoltages up to 145V without consuming battery power. AVR operates in both UPS standby mode and battery charge mode, protecting connected equipment and batteries from damage due to voltage fluctuations. Diagnostic LEDs The APS3636VR features six front-panel diagnostic LEDs to indicate load level (high, medium and low), battery charge (high, medium and low), shutdown status and system fault status. Overload Protection To prevent damage to the inverter and connected equipment, the APS3636VR will shut down automatically if an overload is detected at the AC output connection. The red Load Level Indicator LED will flash to alert you that an overload has occurred. Additional overload protection is provided by a 25-amp AC input circuit breaker, a 30-amp AC output circuit breaker, and a built-in multi-speed cooling fan. Heavy-Duty Construction The APS3636VR features a rugged, moisture-resistant polycarbonate housing that withstands vibration, impact and high-humidity environments—ideal for use at remote worksites, in trucks, RVs and other vehicles, on boats or anywhere that reliable AC power is needed. Simple Installation and Equipment Connection The APS3636VR features integral mounting slots for permanent installation on any rigid, horizontal surface, such as the bed of a pickup truck. Connecting the APS3636VR to your battery system is quick and easy with readily available user-supplied cables. A grounding lug on the side of the unit connects the inverter/charger to earth ground or vehicle grounding system. AC input power and AC output power for connected equipment is provided via a hardwire junction box on the front of the unit. A load-sensing control dial enables the load threshold to be adjusted to automatically turn the inverter on and off in DC mode as load conditions change. Four configuration dip switches support wet/gel battery charging profiles, adjustable 135/145V high voltage auto transfer during overvoltages and selectable 75/85/95/105V AC low voltage auto transfer during brownouts. A second set of four configuration dip switches support four levels of charger limiting relative to output load size, a battery equalization program and battery charger low/high settings. Optional Remote Control Capability The APS3636VR is equipped with an RJ45 port for connection of an included Remote Control LED/Switch Module (Tripp Lite model APSRM4), enabling you to control and monitor the inverter/charger from virtually anywhere within a vehicle. Peace of Mind The APS3636VR comes with a 1-year product warranty and a rapid-response repair/replacement policy that's unmatched in the industry. Also Available Tripp Lite manufactures a full line of power and connectivity solutions—UPS systems, power distribution units, surge suppressors, cables and connectivity solutions, rack enclosures and more—for every application, from the desktop to the datacenter. Technical Specifications Tripp Lite APS3636VR Inverter/Charger with AVR Click here for a larger image Model: APS3636VR Voltage compatibility: 12 VDC Frequency compatibility: 60 Hz Output voltage: 120 VAC Output capacity (continuous): 3600 watts (inverter/utility power) Output capacity (OverPower): 5400 watts/1 hour (inverter) Output capacity (DoubleBoost): 7200 watts/10 seconds (inverter) Overload protection: Input and output circuit breakers Cooling method: Multi-speed fan Input connection: 2 x DC input terminals (user supplies cables)
Hardwire (user supplies cabling) Output connection: Hardwire (user supplies cabling) Switches/LEDs/alarms: 3-position On/Off/Remote switch
8 x Configuration dip switches
6 x diagnostic LEDs Dimensions (HWD): 7.25 x 8.5 x 16.25 in. Weight: 55.8 lbs. Material of construction: Black polycarbonate Certifications: RoHS Equipment Sizing Guide* The APS3636VR can be used to power a wide range of equipment, including: Power Tools Pumps Appliances Audio/Video Mobile Office Finishing Sander (200-225w) 1/6-hp Submersible Sump Pump (1200/800w) Can Opener (200w) Game System (10-200w) Battery Charger (25w) Bench Grinder (240-1000w) 1/4-hp Submersible Sump Pump (1300/900w) 3-Speed Fan—12 in. (250w) VCR/DVD Player (50w) Inkjet Printer (100w) 1/4-in. Drill (250w) 1/3-hp Submersible Sump Pump (1600/1050w) Mixer/Blender (200-400w) CD Changer/Mini System (50w) Laptop Computer (75-150w) Heat Gun (500-1500w) 1/2-hp Submersible Sump Pump (1400w) Food Processor (400w) LCD TV—13-19 in. (50-100w) Fax Device (150w) Jigsaw (450-600w) Portable Vacuum (800w) LCD TV—25-36 in. (120-135w) Computer/Monitor (250w) Standard Reciprocating Saw (450-600w) Toaster Oven (1200w) LCD TV—43-60 in. (200-250w) Portable Laser Printer (350w) Disk Grinder (600w) Coffeemaker (800-1200w) Stereo Amplifier (240w) 1/2-in. Reversible Drill (700w) Microwave (600-2400w) 10-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum (1000w) Circular Saw (800-1000w) Router (500-2000w) 14-in. Chain Saw (1200-1600w) *Based on typical wattage or wattage range. For sump pumps, wattages reflect startup/continuous operation wattage. Keep Your Equipment Powered with Tripp Lite APS2448UL PowerVerter® APS Inverter/Charger The APS2448UL efficiently converts 48V DC (battery) power into 120V AC (household) power to run any type of equipment, from power tools to computers while keeping connected batteries charged. With its 2400-watt capacity, the APS2448UL powers heavy-duty loads like drills, saws and pumps with ease. Hardwire output connection delivers power to connected equipment. OverPower™ and DoubleBoost™ capabilities provide extra power when required for heavy loads and power-hungry equipment start-ups. Auto-transfer switching enables the APS2448UL to operate as a UPS. Rugged moisture-resistant polycarbonate housing stands up to harsh environments. 1-year warranty. 98-121 12V DC Battery Sealed, maintenance-free 12V DC battery. Compatible with any Tripp Lite PowerVerter inverter or APS inverter/charger that accepts 12V DC battery connections. BP-260 Battery Cabinet Sturdy metal battery cabinet accommodates two Tripp Lite 98-121 12V DC batteries (sold separately). Includes heavy-gauge cabling, nut-and-bolt connectors and battery terminal isolators for easy installation. 2-year warranty. APSRM4 Remote Control Module The APSRM4 remotely controls select Tripp Lite inverters and inverter/chargers from any location inside a vehicle or boat. The module connects to the inverter with an included 50-ft. cord, providing multiple installation options for a wide range of vehicles and boats. An on/off switch controls the inverter. Two sets of intuitive "traffic light" LEDs indicate battery charge, inverter load level and other operational conditions. An attractive face plate is provided for front-panel mounting. Lifetime warranty. TLP810NET Protect It!™ A/V Surge Suppressor Economical protection for A/V components and all electronics. This surge suppressor features a high-impact plastic housing, 3240-joule surge protection rating, 8 outlets with built-in safety covers, gold coaxial surge protection, tel/DSL (RJ11) and tel/Ethernet (RJ45) surge protection, and 10-ft. power cord with right-angle plug. $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance; lifetime warranty.

  • 3600 watts continuous output power; up to 7200 watts instantaneous power
  • Extended peak surge power handles heavy connected loads
  • Auto-transfer switching for UPS operation; automatic voltage regulation
  • Hardwire AC input/output; rugged moisture-resistant polycarbonate housing
  • 1-Year warranty

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