Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tree I.V. Fill-n-Haul Watering System 8-Pack

Tree I.V. Fill-n-Haul Watering System 8-Pack

The Tree I.V. "Fill-N-Haul" System includes plugs and lids so you can fill and transport water to remotely located trees. Simply attach the bucket to the previously installed injector, the plug will pop free and watering begins instantly! No other watering products offer this feature. Provides a deep soaking of the root-well in the fastest possible time. Drain rate is the natural percolation rate of your soil. The Injector can be installed in the root well of any tree or plant, or at the drip line of larger trees. Waters dozens of trees at once, with only minutes of your time.

  • Waters up to 8 remotely located trees
  • Features not available with bags or hose feeders
  • Great for water restrictions
  • Much more durable than bags
  • Made in USA

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