Thursday, October 3, 2013

3pc Stainless Steel Bonsai Garden Tool Set / Kit.

3pc Stainless Steel Bonsai Garden Tool Set / Kit.

Our Tinyroots brand Stainless Steel Kit offeres the best of the best. The three essential tools any Bonsai enthusiast needs. All hand crafted from the finest grade stainless steel available anywherer. styled, healthy and happy. This is a gorgeous set of tools.

Old-world craftsmanship combined with modern technology results in the finest tools available with the aesthetic feel of a fine surgical instrument.

Comes complete with hand made bamboo storage box, with custom cut out to provide your tool protection for a lifetime.

Tinyroots tools are top quality bonasi tools imported exclusively by and available only at Bonsaioutlet and fine retailers.


Traditional "Butterfly" shaped Bonsai Sheer. Tinyroots brand, hand forged from solid stainless steel (not plated) 180 mm. Tinyroots brand stainless steel shear offers superior precision and the ultimate in lifetime bonsai tools.

Stainless steel convace cutter. The powerhouse in branch and root pruning, yet highly precise. Like its stainless steel Butterfly shear partner, this tool is hand forged out of the finest solid stainless steel. 210 mm

Long handled stainless steel wire cutter. This tool has a slight curve to the handles and provides the ultimate feel for precision. This stainless steel wire cutter is designed to allow wire to be cut away from your bonsai tree without over-biting into the tree itself. The long handle and relative fulcrum point makes using this tool and cutting wire effortless. 210 mm

A handsome, hand made bamboo storage box with clear panel cover.

Dimensions: 260 mm x 200 mm
Material: Master Grade Carbon Steel Tools
Brand: Tinyroots
Model #: TRK-03

  • Exclusively from BonsaiOutlet

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