Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bee-Z-Smoker BZ-422-D International Kit with Battery Charger

Bee-Z-Smoker BZ-422-D International Kit with Battery Charger

The Bee-Z-Smoker operates using the supplied 18-volt rechargeable battery, charger, and International Plug Adapter for many years of reliable service. Simply insert the battery into the battery enclosure, secure the door, and plug in the charger using the International Plug Adapter. When the the light turns green on the charger, your Bee-Z-Smoker is ready to go. The ergo handle fits all hands and the heat trigger and fan button are well placed for use with gloves. The Bee-Z-Smoker generates cool bee smoke from natural untreated Pine shavings.

  • You get the smoker, battery, charger, and international plug adapter; does not include starter bag of pine shavings
  • Lightweight ergonomic plastic handle that is made from the same material used in chainsaw handles
  • Easy 3 step process where you will be in your hive in 30 seconds or less

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