Thursday, October 3, 2013

Maverick Sun Big Foot Reflector 8In

Maverick Sun Big Foot Reflector 8In

Big Foot is one of Maverick Sun's new reflectors. The Big Foot is designed to give 6-foot by 6-foot BIG FOOT print. The Big Foot 8-inch duct has a 44-inch by 31-inch computer designed reflector system that will give you great cross-penetration between your plants. Designed for medium to large grow operations. Hinged with heavy-duty safety chains for easy lamp changes and cleaning of your reflector. Completely air tight for controlled environment grow rooms. Rubber Silicon gasket gives you years of quiet operation and no air leak. Glass and cord are included.

  • Package Length-32
  • Package Depth-44
  • Package Width-13

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